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A Well Fed Seed: Week of September 26th

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A Well Fed Seed: Week of September 19th

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Recipes: Week of September 12th

A Well Fed Seed: Week of September 12th

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It’s September 5th! Where exactly have the days of summer gone?! With any luck, they’ve gone to summer vacations, bike rides and some very hot days at the pool. For the farm, they’ve gone to planting, weeding, more planting and more weeding and delivering your shares for twelve great weeks. Today, we’d like to share two things–a farm update and CSA reminders.

There are lots of reasons to join a CSA, but we’re certain that most of you joined to be more connected to your food source. You want to know where, when and how your food was grown–and by whom, to boot. You want to know that your food is fresh, local and most importantly, certified organic or sustainably grown. With that, we’d like to share a few details about the farm and our summer thus far.

Farm Update

We hope you’ve enjoyed the diversity of products coming from the farm this season. We’re currently anticipating fall roots and tubers, such as turnips and sweet potatoes. For the late fall, look for lots of watermelon and daikon radish. And sooner than later, you’ll see paste tomatoes, winter squash, wild arugula, and other fall greens.

Our biggest accomplishment this season has been overall farm management. We’ve been diligent in managing weeds and planting regularly. By being in good shape for this season, we should be way ahead for 2012. Before you know it, we’ll be planting garlic for next season.

But as successful as some things have been, we’ve also seen our share of failures. For example, the wet spring dampened our carrots and parsnips. They both take lots of time to germinate, and the late start hurt the crop. And speaking of the spring weather and dampening a crop, our total garlic harvest was much smaller in size and quantity as a result. From the harvest, we’ve saved it all in hopes of a better crop next year.

Important CSA Reminders

Finally, we’d like to offer a few reminders about your CSA. We know how busy you all are, and we know how busy we are. Please respect our request for changes to be no later than Monday at 12:00PM. If you find yourself needing to make a delivery change, place your share on hold for the week, or update milk and/or coffee orders, here’s how:

  • Online changes for the upcoming week (through your own login account) are available until Saturday at 11:00PM. This is preferred, but we do offer another option for last-minute edits.
  • For last-minute changes (between Saturday at 11:00PM and Monday at 12:00PM) please email us directly at farm@waywardseed.com. We cannot accept changes after that final deadline–Mondays at noon.

We’d also like to remind you that we do not replace missed or forgotten shares. You are welcome to send a friend, a family member, even your mailman–but we cannot harvest a new share to be picked up on another day. We will happily switch your pick up day or location. We will even put your share on hold if you meet the deadlines for changes we reiterated above. For more information, or questions about share options, please contact us directly.

And lastly, while we’re often at your pick up location early…and sometimes, we’re even ready early, we ask that you please note the start and end time of your pick up. Especially at market, it’s crucial we utilize our time to be certain that both our market stand and our CSA shares are ready for service. So please be patient with us when you arrive early and know that we will begin distributing shares at the market open time, or at the beginning of the time listed on your pickup location.

We hope you’re enjoying the harvest thus far. Mother Nature has challenged us, although nothing quite like last year. We’ve received endless compliments on the quality, variety and quantity of our shares so far. Thanks to each of you for supporting our farm. We love feeding you and your families!

As always–don’t hesitate to email us with any questions you might have regarding any of the above!

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A Well Fed Seed: Week of September 5th

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