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At Wayward Seed Farm, we harvest and deliver more than 250 CSA shares each week for 25 weeks per year, in addition to a robust farmers market and wholesale schedule. We have developed “work shares” because we want to give our members the opportunity to be involved at a much deeper level on “their” farm. A “work share” is the exchange of labor for a CSA share.

Work share members work together with full-time Wayward Seed Farm crew members. Our expectations are high. The jobs are physical. The work can be heavy, exhausting and repetitive; hot, cold or wet. Good physical condition is a must! Ability to repeatedly lift 30 pounds is a must. Although you may be in great physical condition, you will still discover muscles you never knew you had. You may find yourself in unfamiliar or uncomfortable positions for a sustained period of time (squatting, kneeling, stooping, bending). We work in ALL weather.

A work share requires a commitment of 5 hours of work per week for 25 week term (as defined in the Frequently Asked Questions section below) in exchange for one (1) Weekly Vegetable and Fruit Share. You will commit to a shift and work that shift for the entire season. Requests for permanent change(s) will be accepted in writing and decided upon within one (1) week. Requests may or may not be approved, and decisions by Wayward Seed Farm shall be final.

Shift options:

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 7:00am – 12:00pm or 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Thursday: 7:00am – 12:00pm
Friday: 7:00am – 12:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I be doing?
You will be involved in all aspects of vegetable harvest and post harvest including washing, bagging, bunching, weighing, counting, and sorting vegetables. You will weed, trellis, transplant, and mulch. Each shift has its own rhythm. There are many one-time jobs; some jobs repeat themselves week after week.

I’ve never done farm work before. How will I know what to do?
Each job will be explained and demonstrated (when applicable) by a Wayward Seed Farm crew member. You must listen carefully, follow directions, work hard, and ask questions. Working hard means keeping your hands moving, not stopping and chatting with the person working next you. (This doesn’t mean you can’t talk, you just have to keep working.)

Can I share the responsibility with my spouse, partner, housemate, etc.?
No. It is best if one person in a household makes the commitment to work the shift. It is unacceptable to simply send another person in your place.

Is there a difference between the morning and afternoon shifts?
Yes, morning shifts are spent primarily in the fields harvesting (but sometimes there is work in the packing shed). Afternoon shifts are spent primarily in the packing shed working with the vegetables that were harvested in the morning (but often there are outside jobs as well). With that said, our work is sometimes dependent on weather, and therefore, being flexible is the key to our success.

Can two of us come each week for 2.5 hours?
No. Leaving in the middle of a shift is not helpful for the farm.

When does the work share begin?
We have two schedules: April through September, and June through December. The first will begin the first week of April (1st-5th) and continues through the third week of September (16th-20th). The second work shares will begin the second week of June (10th-14th) and continues through the first week of December (2nd-6th) to coincide with the CSA delivery schedule. (As a part of the second work share, the week of Thanksgiving is an “off” week, as we do not deliver CSA shares.)

Can I work for an every other week share?
No. The work share is a 25 week commitment as defined above, which will earn you a Weekly Vegetable and Fruit Share.

Can I bring my child along?
No. We are working hard. The work is not geared for children. The farm will offer opportunities for families to come out and have fun.

Can I bring my dog out with me?

What if I need to miss a shift because of vacation, illness or other conflict?
You can make up your shift. With the exception of illness or exceptional circumstances, prior notice is required. Your options will include working a double shift or two shifts in one week. Please consult with Adam Welly for more details and to get approval.

Can I work evenings or weekends?
No. Our farm work is only performed during the day on week days.

What if my schedule changes mid-season?
If you know your schedule will be changing mid-season we can talk about it and plan accordingly. If your schedule changes unexpectedly mid-season, we will do our best to accommodate it. In either case you will be able to switch to another shift that fits your schedule. If accommodations cannot be made that are reasonable for us under the circumstances, your work share will be terminated at that time.

I am a teacher/student and can only work during summer vacation, is this possible?
No, we really need workers for the entire 25 week season.

Is there an orientation?
We will hold an orientation on a Sunday in late March in the afternoon, for all work shares. All family members are invited! Also, a written Work Share Commitment Agreement will be required to be signed at this time.

After looking at all of this I would like to do a worker share. What should I do next?
Call or email Adam Welly at 614-226-8548 or adam@waywardseed.com. You can discuss details and specifics before making the final decision together to make the commitment and attend the orientation.

Work shares develop a special connection with the farm, farmers, and other workers, and develop an appreciation and understanding of organic vegetable production. Come join us on the farm this summer!

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