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011_WAY082914_PhotoKitchen_MG_4275 (2)Well, we’ve waited two extra weeks to get the greenhouse fired up. Sub-zero temperatures and lots of cloud cover have pushed our plans back, but it shouldn’t affect our spring planting schedule. Shallots, onions, celeriac, leeks and a whole plethora of other vegetables will go into production on Tuesday. We have lots of new varieties to try this season, and I’m especially excited about our new melon program. Fremont has always produced tremendous cantaloupes and watermelons. I need to thoroughly mulch our beds with straw–this step will help prevent diseases like powdery mildew to spread in our melon patch. I’m hoping to secure some seedless watermelon seed that isn’t treated. Many commercial seed distributors pre-order their seeds covered with chemical fertilizers. This prevents us organic growers from having a wider choice of seeds to buy. Sometimes it feels they don’t want our business at all. This lack of untreated and organic seed forces all of us in the sustainable agriculture community to buy from the same six companies, essentially creating a race to buy up the small amount of stocks available. Basically, things like watermelons and kale are sold out everywhere b071_WAY082914_PhotoKitchen_MG_4343 (2)y early January.

On another note, today is National CSA Signup Day! It brings focus to the importance of CSA in building our regional food systems in America today. Researchers found in 2014 that February 28 was the most common signup day across the country. I’m always stressed this time of year, neurotically hoping we reach our sales goals. The winter drags on, spring fever kicks in. Winter walks help, ice fishing is fun, but I’m ready to start farming! So it goes… The greenhouse is heating up, the farm plan is finished, seed orders are shipped and we are ready to grow your family’s food.

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