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I’m writing to ask you again to help with market research being conducted by Great River Organics, a farmer-owned cooperative of which Wayward Seed Farm is a member. This is Phase II of a market research study funded by a Local Food Promotion Program grant from the USDA. This phase is very important as it will allow GRO to determine if what was learned in the Phase I focus groups accurately represents the broader group of current, former and potential CSA subscribers in Central Ohio. Here’s how you can help:

  • Click this link to take a survey. It’s longer than the previous survey, so allow yourself about 10 minutes.
  • Pass this email along to others you know who subscribe to a CSA now – or have in the past – or who purchase organic vegetables on a regular basis.

Phase II survey deadline: May 4, 2016

Our thanks,

Jaime Moore & Adam Welly
Wayward Seed Farm

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The weather has turned and we’re planting! Look at that black sand.

IMG_4720 IMG_4721 IMG_4722

This week’s winner of coffee from Cafe Brioso is Katie Petro! Katie started with Wayward as a work share years ago and has maintained her share through the years. Congratulations Katie!

Next week, it’s the gift of local dining, a $50 gift certificate from Alana’s Food & Wine. Sign up by Thursday for your chance to win!

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Drum roll, please!

The winner this week is… Dawn Blevins! Dawn has won a FREE share for the 2016 season. She has been with Wayward Seed for years and so her win of this CSA is fitting. Congratulations Dawn!


Not only are we celebrating sun and warmth today, we’re celebrating our first haircut. Well, our onions’ first haircut that is. Remember a few weeks ago when they looked like this?


Remember, a winner is selected every Thursday. Next week’s prize is 2 pounds of fresh roasted and delicious coffee from one of our favorites and long time partners, Cafe Brioso. Sign up by Thursday for your chance to win.

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April 9, 2016. Enough said.


Eight inches. April 9, 2016.


The greenhouse looks fresh while the snow piles up outside. (See the snow on the side of the greenhouse?!)

Adam's Phone 089 (1)

Greener days are coming!

Adam's Phone 015 (1)

We get all kinds of visitors at the farm.

Adam's Phone 024

The colors and flavors of Ohio agriculture are just around the corner!

Don’t forget… This week’s winner will take home a FREE 2016 CSA! Sign up by Thursday for your chance to win.

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10 years of Wayward Seed Farm, my 10 favorite things to grow and eat!

1. Alliums/Onion Family I know, I know… I can’t write a blog or newsletter without expounding the joy of allium growing! I think we have relegated onions to the background of our cooking imagination. At WSF they are a main attraction on the farm and in the kitchen. Spicy, sweet, assertive and robust, they make you cry with their power and laugh with joy when you taste them. Charred candy onions, poached leeks, pickled cippolinis, caramelized hard onions, grilled Rossa di Milano onions, roasted shallots… And don’t forget the garlic.

WAY091314_PhotoKitchen_MG_8649 (2)2. Candystick Carrots We never grow enough Candystick carrots! Never. No, the variety we use is not really called Candystick. We created that name after eating so many of these raw on the first day of fall harvest. It was like eating Halloween candy or a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups in one sitting. They were sweet like candy. So yes, Candystick is a shameless marketing ploy, but in defense, it does properly describe these carrots. They never disappoint and kids love them. My favorite way to eat them is either raw or roasted with butter and shallots.

3. Japanese Sweet Potatoes Complex and delicate. They yield about half of what we get from our orange varieties, but the low yield is worth it. They don’t really need butter or seasoning. Remarkable flavor.

4. Romanesco One of the most difficult, nutrient needy crops we grow. I call Romanesco the rarefied air because it is. I think it tastes like pistachios and milk when roasted. The “King of Vegetables.” We will always try to grow it.

5. Sheepnose Pimento Pepper A wonderful Ohio heirloom pimento pepper. Very low yielding. We hope to save seeds this season, selecting specimens for flavor and yield. I love these lightly pickled on pizza!

6. Collards They are fun to grow and extremely plentiful. Short or long cooked, collards bring delicious flavor. Next time, pass up the kale and cooks some collards.

7. Paste Tomatoes I know this is not a proper analogy but I think paste tomatoes are like the best supporting actors who don’t win awards. Versatile, plentiful, utilitarian and indispensable. You need them for your soups, salsas, sauces and pantry. They lay the foundation for great cooking. I think I’m going to name my heirloom paste to
mato seeds after Steve Buscemi or William H Macy…

8. Kabocha Squash Sometimes in the evening when I’m thinking about a sweet treat or dessert I think back about WSF’s early collaborations with Jeni’s Ice Creams. They made ice cream with our Kabocha Squash, and it was simply divine. I miss it. It was that dry, sweet flesh of the s011_WAY082914_PhotoKitchen_MG_4275 (2)quash…Kabocha is one of a kind. And so was that ice cream.

9. Romano Beans Flat Italian green beans are legendary. They might really be my number 1. Cook them with heirloom tomatoes and Rossa di Milano onions. Seriously. I’m dead serious. Flat beans, heirloom tomatoes, Rossa di Milano onions. If I invited my hero Anthony Bourdain to the farm, I would make him these beans. They are so good that he would take one taste and respond with an expletive filled soliloquy of joy. Maybe someday…

10. Fennel Love it or hate it…fennel is one of the most flavorful vegetables in the kitchen. It is lovely in chicken soups or shaved raw for salads. Give it a try and then try again. It is really versatile.

And now to this week’s winner, lucky number 21… Tiffany Page! Congratulations Tiffany!

Next week’s prize? It’s the big one. A FREE CSA share for the entire 2016 season! Sign up now (if you haven’t already) for your chance to win.

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Seth Kraut! Seth was last week’s winner for the $50 North Market gift certificate. Congratulations!

Seth has been a long time (almost from the beginning) member of the Wayward family. To say he supports Wayward and other local food producers would be an understatement. We see Seth and his family every single week at the Worthington Farmers Market. Every single week. Thank you, Seth!

This week’s prize is $25 in Wayward Seed gift certificates. Be sure to sign up before Thursday for your chance to win.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the farm.


Cold house onions in need of a haircut!


A few heads of cabbage for the 2016 season.


Incorporating oat and rye cover crops at Wayward.




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