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Two years ago we relocated the farm operation back to our childhood home of Fremont in Sandusky County. The ecology of the area is perhaps the best in the entire state to grow fruits and vegetables. We have found great success since the move and are always working to improve our operation.


During the spring of 2015 we offered a multi-year CSA investment to build infrastructure and drill a well on the new farm. We were able to find 5 members at that time and it really helped us get started. The well we drilled in April of that year has proven to be one of the best investments we have ever made. It literally was the cornerstone of our operation this past season when we didn’t receive hardly a drop of rain for over 8 weeks in May, June and July.

Similar to our efforts in the spring of 2015, we are now offering a new round of multi-year investments for the farm. This “Slow Money” concept was conceived by our team after years of research and creative thinking. We need ongoing improvements to our farm, and just like our direct marketing sales, direct investment from our community is essential to building infrastructure. We will deliver repayment of investments through our CSA share, gift certificates and cash upon completion of term.

We have a capital infrastructure budget of $30,000 and are seeking a group of ten individuals with interest in helping us finance equipment and physical improvements to our farm. If you have interest in an investment opportunity, we will set up a face-to-face meeting or phone conversation to review these concepts. At that time we can provide our updated P&L, including our three-year business plan. We have a great location to ensure consistent production and strategic growth. Now is the time to solidify our plans through crucial site improvements and efficiency. Below are the details for our multi-year investment; please review and give us feedback. We are open to many possibilities if a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached.

We are seeking 10 members with an individual investment of $3,000. In return for a $3,000 investment, multi-year members will have a 3 year term as shown below.

3 Year Multi-year CSA Investment

  • 3 years of weekly CSA share with fruit supplement ($2,550 value)
  • $200 gift certificate provided at start of term
  • $500 cash at completion of 3rd year

Your investment will be used to make the following capital improvements:

  • Harvest Conveyor and Wagon ($5,000) With increased production over the last decade we have realized a need to decrease handling and increase the speed of harvest in our operation. A custom wagon with roof, shade curtains, and recycled plastic lumber will enable us to keep the vegetables cooler and thus increasing their shelf life. The hydraulic conveyor will feed the wagon continuously with product from our harvest crew.
  • Utility Tractor ($10,000) Our goal is to purchase another used tractor for the farm that can be used for spraying, mowing, and harvesting.
  • Food Safety Infrastructure and Upgrades ($10,000) With federal food safety mandates approaching in the next couple of years we would ideally purchase additional food handling equipment, wash sinks and bathroom capabilities.
  • Mater Macc Seeder 5-row improvement ($5,000) Adding a 4th and 5th seeding row to our 3 row seeder will enable us to grow 40% more product per raised bed. This is helpful with products like cilantro, bok choy, carrots and turnips that can be grown at a tighter density.

As always, thanks for your interest in Wayward Seed Farm and the vision of regional food sovereignty.

Be well. Eat better.

Farmer Adam

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In the meantime, you can still find us at the Worthington Farmers Market inside The Shops at Worthington Place every Saturday from 9am-12pm.

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Hello all,

A few fun facts and comments from our latest, greatest season of farming in flatlands of Sandusky County, Ohio:

  • Our 2016 season here in Northern Ohio was really challenging and quite rewarding. We had hardly a scant of rain between May 15 and August 1. We received a tenth here and a tenth there, never really building adequate moisture for our fields. We drilled a deep well in early 2015 when the farm was moved to Sandusky County, and boy did that well come in handy this year. Almost all of the great food you enjoyed this season was directly derivative of our ability to irrigate with that well. From carrots to sweet potatoes to tomatoes, we watered and WAY080914_PhotoKitchen_MG_0064 (2)delivered more water to our fields. We have a fine sandy loam soil that drains well so it is especially important to regularly monitor moisture levels and keep the H2O flowing.
  • We were blessed with a tremendous tomato season! We had tomatoes from late July until almost the end of October. We particularly enjoyed our plum and mini heirloom tomatoes. We had vines that traveled all the way up and down a 6 foot trellis this season. I know our crew still has nightmares from all the cherry tomato picking we did in August and September.
  • Yes, I know, we had too many Romano Beans. I don’t think you can ever eat enough of them but I’m committed to growing other bush beans in 2017. Wax Beans and Haricot Vert look likely for the CSA and market stands.
  • Ahhhhh…the grandeur of Romanesco Cauliflower. We will continue to grow more and more Romanesco. This season we grew almost a 1/3 of an acre of the beautiful green stuff. By far the tastiest vegetable that comes off farm. Hard to grow and takes forever to mature. Romanesco…I miss eating it already.
  • Cheers for diversity! Overall, we were happy with the CSA’s quality and quantities. We plan to offer more salad green options in 2017 with experiments in WAY091314_PhotoKitchen_MG_8649 (2)baby collards and kale, too.
  • We completed construction on two new greenhouses which enabled us to propagate more plants for the farm this season and beyond.
  • Cold spring freezes and dry summer conditions limited our yields of all onions including Rossa di Milano and shallots. Hopefully we will have better luck with the spring weather in 2017.

Thank you to our CSA site coordinators, volunteers, employees and membership. Another year, more progress and new challenges. Ten years down the road…here’s to 2017 and a toast to perseverance!

Be Well, Eat Better,

Farmer Adam


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In the meantime, you can still find us at the Worthington Farmers Market inside The Shops at Worthington Place every Saturday from 9am-12pm.

Here’s to 2017!

Jaime Moore & Adam Welly
Wayward Seed Farm

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