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3 more to go! You can read the full announcement in “2017 Multi-year CSA Investments in Wayward Seed Farm.”

We are seeking at least 3 more members with an individual investment of $3,000. In return for a $3,000 investment, multi-year members will have a 3 year term as shown below.

3 Year Multi-year CSA Investment

  • 3 years of weekly CSA share with fruit supplement ($2,550 value)
  • $200 gift certificate provided at start of term
  • $500 cash at completion of 3rd year

Your investment will be used to make the following capital improvements:Fennel

  • Harvest Conveyor and Wagon ($5,000) With increased production over the last decade we have realized a need to decrease handling and increase the speed of harvest in our operation. A custom wagon with roof, shade curtains, and recycled plastic lumber will enable us to keep the vegetables cooler and thus increasing their shelf life. The hydraulic conveyor will feed the wagon continuously with product from our harvest crew.
  • Utility Tractor ($10,000) Our goal is to purchase another used tractor for the farm that can be used for spraying, mowing, and harvesting.
  • Food Safety Infrastructure and Upgrades ($10,000) With federal food safety mandates approaching in the next couple of years we would ideally purchase additional food handling equipment, wash sinks and bathroom capabilities.
  • Mater Macc Seeder 5-row improvement ($5,000) Adding a 4th and 5th seeding row to our 3 row seeder will enable us to grow 40% more product per raised bed. This is helpful with products like cilantro, bok choy, carrots and turnips that can be grown at a tighter density.

As always, thanks for your interest in Wayward Seed Farm and the vision of regional food sovereignty.

Be well. Eat better.

Farmer Adam

Haven’t renewed your share? Do it today and you may still qualify for a discount, but tomorrow is the last day!

Sign-up: http://www.farmigo.com/join/waywardseed/2017
Account: http://www.farmigo.com/account/waywardseed

For weekly shares purchased and paid-in-full by February 15th, we’re offering a $25 discount. Use coupon code “Eat Fresh.”

Questions? Email us at farm@waywardseed.com.

In the meantime, you can still find us at the Worthington Farmers Market inside The Shops at Worthington Place every Saturday from 9am-12pm.

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