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2017 Year End Review

Hello all, and happy holidays!

A few fun facts and comments from our latest, greatest season of farming in the flatlands of Sandusky County, Ohio!

  • Too much rain could be the worst thing for a vegetable farm! At one point in early July we had 7 inches in one week?! I’m surely glad this season’s ups and downs are finally over and we can rest a bit. It was a big challenge to produce consistently this season. I’m hoping we can learn from these extreme weather events and plan accordingly. If you lose a planting or two, what crops can you replant or substitute in place of the original production schedule?


  • Yes, hot pepper are blazing at times. And especially productive when watered and maintained properly. I’m sure our members have seen more hot peppers in your share the last two years. We have been contracting with our partners, The Brinery in Ann Arbor, Michigan to provide peppers for their fermented sauces. We will use restraint for 2018. They are very potent but delicious!


  • Onions, onion and more onions. By far our best year of onion production at WSF. We are blessed to offer lots of onion diversity. Perhaps the most important foundation to your cooking, never downplay their use in building great flavors.


  • We had a large beneficial predator bug population at our farm this year! Great numbers of lady bugs and braconid wasps were present.
  • People ask me all the time, “How many workers do you have at the farm?” It varies greatly through the season. We have a base staff of 5 people year around and as many as 12 people in the field during the fall harvest. We do you have many machines at the farm to assist production but ultimately almost 100% of our food is still hand harvested. Lots of hard work but mostly tight attention to standards and sizing of our products assure better quality in your CSA boxes. Our staff is really the cornerstone of the operation. We can’t thank them enough. Really.


  • My favorite vegetable of the 2017 season was Broccolini – I couldn’t stop eating it. Raw in the field, grilled, steamed or sautéed. It was a fun and rewarding trial season for that product. I hope our members enjoyed it. We will definitely be growing it again for our members!

Thank you to our CSA site coordinators, volunteers, employees and membership. We are tired (okay, really tired) after this long season and look forward to a restful holiday. We hope to see you at the Worthington Farmers Market on Saturdays throughout the winter.

Be Well,

Farmer Adam

PS: Sign up for 2018 is live, and we’ve made a few changes. Questions? Email us at farm@waywardseed.com.

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