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Hello everyone, and happy (maybe) spring!

We are burning propane day after day here to keep our plants warm and happily growing. Almost every morning our soils have a light bit of frozen crust, which gives us a slight bit of skepticism about when spring will actually start. Our rhubarb has emerged out of its winter slumber but is stuck in neutral now that snow is in the forecast.

Joe tractor

Getting new equipment ready

Oh well, it is Ohio – wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.

We will get started soon outside and when we do there won’t be enough daylight to get all of our work done. Farming in the Midwest is all about narrow windows of work. You have to hit those plant dates and dry periods to ensure solid summer production.

We’ll figure it out, we always do. Farming is never short on challenges and this spring will put us to the test.

In terms of spring plantings, we are going to take a different track this spring. We will be focused on smaller, more precise plantings for CSA. We are exploring new spinach varieties that can handle our June heat. Additionally, we hope to provide some micro greens this spring to supplement early salads and lighter dishes. Rhubarb will be reaching full potential in its 3rd season. We are also planting summer leeks this season and they should be ready for harvest in early July.

Fennel starts

Fennel, enjoying another day in the greenhouse

In other news, we have been consulting for a family friend who will be starting a new certified organic farm just down the road from ours. Our hope is to steward his small operation and provide a helping hand when we can this spring. We are trying to facilitate the growth of new operations right here in Sandusky County. We have quality soils, history, culture and work ethic.

I’m really excited about the next 5 years here in the county. I think we may see 2 to 3 new operations if we continue to show success and can provide market opportunities through our coop, Great River Organics.

It’s all about vision and collaboration.

Well, that’s it for now. CSA shares start in about 2 months – let’s get some decent weather and begin to enjoy another year of Wayward’s bounty.

Be Well,

Farmer Adam

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